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Faith’s Story

Faith arrived at the Children’s Home in 2017…

She is 10 years old and was born in Kanuto, an area 33 km away from Cherry Brierley Children’s Home and is a partial orphan. Her mother, now a widow, lost her husband last year and has six other children including 2 sets of twins. She has no real source of income and cannot provide the basic needs for her children, so she kept Faith away from school to assist with the youngest twins, boys (now 4 years old), consequently she is very behind with her education. Requiring proper nutrition and schooling, she was deemed to be neglected and at risk and so brought into our care. She can now continue her education with encouragement and support, having every opportunity to realise her potential academically. She has a nutritious diet and a huge new family to love her and we hear that she loves dancing and playing ball games!

She is, however, bound to take a while to adjust to a totally new environment and regime, so please do pray for her as she settles into the CBCH family, that she makes some lasting friendships and blossoms in all ways under the love and care of our staff.

She currently has no sponsor and we are looking for someone who would like to sponsor Faith to help care for her. It costs, on average, £1850 per year to care for a child with food, clothes, the safe shelter of the Home and her school fees and books. If you would like to sponsor Faith, please complete the form opposite and get in touch. There is no minimum monthly donation but we rely on people like you to help keep the Home going to ensure Faith will indeed now have a safe and happy home throughout the rest of her childhood and that when she leaves us she will have the skills for a successful life ahead, finally breaking the cycle of poverty through misfortune, poor education and few resources that has kept the generations of her family in those bonds. Please get in contact, Faith would love to have her own sponsor and stay in touch with you with news and stories about her life and be able to tell you all about how she’s doing at school and with her new friends at the Children’s Home.

Or you can get in touch at office@kisumuchildren.org.uk

Sponsor Faith…

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