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Naomi was first supported by CBCH in 2010…

…as part of a community outreach programme, providing a daily (and probable only) meal for children in the area experiencing extreme poverty.

Both of Naomi’s parents are dead, and she was living with her grandparents, who also received seeds and farming tools to help feed the whole family. However Kisumu experiences very hot and dry spells and harvests are very much dependent on the rains coming.

In 2012 she was accepted into CBCH full-time and began talking more and improving in her education. She is able now to enjoy a healthy diet, to play and develop friendships in a secure and welcoming environment. She is also able to participate in the lively worship life of our CBCH community, take part in holiday clubs and Bible studies.

Naomi is a friendly girl, who keeps in contact with her Grandparents nearby. She would love to have a sponsor who will help her as she journeys through teenage to adulthood, and seeks to find her place in the world.

It costs, on average, £1850 per year to care for a child with food, clothes, the safe shelter of the Home and school fees and books. If you would like to sponsor Naomi, please complete the form opposite and get in touch. There is no minimum monthly donation but we rely on people like you to help keep the Home going to ensure Naomi will indeed have a safe and happy home throughout the rest of her childhood and that when she leaves us she will have the skills for a successful life ahead, finally breaking the cycle of poverty through misfortune, poor education and few resources. Please get in contact, Naomi would love to have her own sponsor and stay in touch with you with news and stories about her life and be able to tell you all about how she’s doing at school and with her friends at the Children’s Home.

Or you can get in touch at office@kisumuchildren.org.uk

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