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Send a Christmas message to a child in Kisumu

If you currently sponsor a child then you can send your sponsored child a card and if you don’t currently sponsor would you like to send a Christmas message to one of our unsponsored children mentioned below who have no-one to correspond with?

You will bring so much joy to a little one who will be overwhelmed at the news that someone across the world has chosen them to send a Christmas card to.

Just choose a card and enter your greeting in the form (right) which will be sent across the world in time for Christmas to the children living in the community in Kisumu.

Thank you!











Send a card…

If you don't already sponsor a child,
you can send a card to one of our children
who currently have no-one to sponsor them.
Below are our 3 children who are
currently unsponsored:

    If your chosen child responds with a message for you, we will need to send their message to you. Please tick the box to say that you are happy to receive correspondence from us. You can change this permission at any time.*



Mishel is 9 years old. She is the youngest of 6 children. Her father died in 2010 and her mother is working as a casual labourer trying to feed her family. Their income is very low and the children have little to eat.
Would you like to sponsor Mishel?



Lorna is 9 years old, her father has passed away and her mother has setup a small business to earn some money. Lorna’s elder sibling has dropped out of school to help earn money for the household and we don’t want this to happen to Lorna as well.
Would you like to sponsor Lorna?



Steven is 9 years old from a family of 4 children. His father has passed away and his mother now earns a living for them all by washing clothes. With the little she earns, she struggles to care for herself and her 4 children in a semi-permanent shelter and the children go hungry every day.
Would you like to sponsor Steven?

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