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Send Greetings from Britain

It is not always easy to sit down and write a long letter to your sponsored child. But, don't worry about finding lots to say. Your child enjoys hearing from you whatever you want to tell them.

Below is a simple form where you can write a quick message to your sponsored child and we will pass the message on for you. This could be twice a year as we traditionally recommend or it could be more frequently, as and when you want to write.

If you're not sure what to write, just tell your child about what has been happening at home recently and try to encourage your child in their studies, faith and interests. Tell them what's going on in your local area or what is happening in the UK news, they are actually very interested!

Would you like to send her a message as well?

    Please tick the box to say that you are happy to receive correspondence from us. You can change this permission at any time.*

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