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Support a child

There are two main ways to support a child as part of your sponsorship.

The first way to support a child is financially but also to show that you care about them personally by keeping in touch through letter writing or even over Skype which you can now do thanks to our internet connection at the Home in Kisumu. The children love to receive letters and photos from their sponsor and to learn anything that you would like to teach them. They feel a great connection with the person who has shown they care enough to choose them. They want to make you proud of them through their results at school and tell you about their life. Your encouragement in a letter and your pride at their school work and achievements goes a very long way and helps fill the gaping hole that would normally be satisfied by a parent. Our staff at the Home work hard to encourage all of the children but there is a very special regard held by the child for the approval of their sponsor.

We work hard to get a sponsor for all of the children because those that have no sponsor watch sadly when the other children receive their letters and dream of having their own sponsor one day too. For this reason, we always ask sponsors to only send letters and not gifts or money to their child because the other children will see when someone has received something more than a letter!

Another way in which you can support a child, if you would like to, is through actually visiting your child in the Home in Kenya. We would never expect anyone to do that but some sponsors do indeed make the journey and they have received the most incredible welcome! Meet our children and see who is still in need of a sponsor >>

support a child

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