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Kisumu Children Trust

Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow.

Registered Charity no. 1091477

Partnering with an International Development Charity makes a difference…

Kisumu Children Trust, a small UK charity established in 2002, is an international development charity undertaking development projects in africa to support and care for orphans and severely underprivileged children through education and into a productive vocation, free from charity.

How do we do this?

  • Support severely under-privileged family-based children with nutrition and school uniforms through Primary School
  • Provide a loving home for orphans and other severely deprived children referred by the local authority
  • We promise to provide full support for all our cared-for children through schooling and beyond.

  • The difference it makes

    We’re helping our children achieve their best at school!
    In Kenya, the Kisumu Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) test takes place at the end of Primary School (typically 14 years old). Our graph here shows that our cared-for children, with our love and support, are achieving better KCPE grades over time.

    Average KCPE results of our children
    International Development Charity

    Making the Most of Secondary Education

    As an International Development Charity we understand that to help people in a sustainable way, we need to support them into a career so that they can break the poverty cycle themselves. The career pathways of our over-18s (to date) is shown below. These figures are significant, given these young people are some of the most deprived in an already poor district:

    University Degree and beyond: 7
    College: 22
    Vocational Training: 12
    Employment (including self-employed/own business): 32
    Development projects africa

    These three young women grew up in the Children’s Home. They have recently enolled in higher education to study, respectively, Supply Chain Management, Land Surveying, and Technical Design.

    Development projects africa through an International Development Charity


    From this…

    Daniel was supported by Kisumu Children

    …to this

    International Development Charity makes a difference to education

    Key Achievements and Future development projects at Tieng’re Primary School

    On top of the full and ongoing support we provide to our current child and young adults, we have set ourselves key projects.


    school fencing   development projects africa builds new water tower

    ✓ Build a protective 2m fence around Tieng’re Primary School to keep the children safe from outside interest

    ✓ Build a Borehole (100m depth)

    ✓ Certified clean drinking water

    ✓ Support of 10 extra under-privileged children through primary school and beyond


    building school in africa

    ✓ Build 4 new school classrooms
    ✓ Reduce Teacher/child ratio from 1:106 to 1:70
    ✓ Girls’ washroom
    ✓ Lay piping to the water tower at the school
    ✓ Support 20 further under-privileged children through primary school and beyond
    ✓ Establish and run Covid-19 Emergency Food Pack distribution to the local community
    ✓ Emergency daily feeding programme for 100 children at our Home
    ✓ Begin renovation of all classrooms at Tieng’re Primary School

    ✓ Continue the Covid-19 Emergency Food Pack distribution to the local community
    ✓ Continue the Emergency daily feeding programme for 100 children at our Home (named the Emergency Kitchen)
    ✓ Establish a community garden to grow food to supply the Emergency Kitchen for children at risk of starvation
    ✓ 24 New toilet cubicles for 850 pupils (and their teachers)

    Existing toilets

    (these plans were pushed back to 2022 because of the immediate emergencies created by the Pandemic in 2020/21)

    International Development Charity assess water tanks
  • Hire a qualified Development Officer to support families in the community
  • Support an additional 10 under-privileged primary school children
  • Kitchen equipment (now that the school have a kitchen for school meals)

  • 2023

  • Lay piping for school fields irrigation – for cultivation of school meal ingredients
  • Support 20 further under-privileged children through primary school and beyond

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