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Leaving a Gift (a Legacy) in your Will

Have you thought about including Kisumu Children’s Trust in your Will?

Amazingly, 74% of the public donate to charity in their lifetime, but only 7% continue this support by leaving a gift to charity in their Will.

It’s never too early to write your Will, to ensure that you provide for the needs of your family and friends first and foremost.

As an additional blessing, a Legacy (a gift left in your Will) allows you to continue supporting work that has been important to you in recent years.

What your legacy gift could achieve

It’s your Will. You may wish to give into a particular area of our work.  We would be more than happy to partner with you to ensure your legacy achieves your intended purpose.

Here are some examples of how you can make a difference:

A Legacy Gift of £500 will provide school uniforms for 20 children.

A legacy gift of £25,000 could assist us to support all our secondary school children through a year of vital schooling.

A Legacy Gift of £5,000 could enable us to feed all our children for 3 months.

A Legacy Gift of £2,500 will help one of our leavers to go to university or start their own business.

A legacy gift of £50,000 would dramatically help towards expanding our work among orphans and destitute children in Kisumu.

If you would like a printed copy of our booklet, ‘A Lasting Footprint in Kisumu’ simply order one for free by email here

or download the text here

If you’d like to talk in confidence with our Development Manager please call Mark Cook on: 07913 680872 or email him on mark.cook@kisumuchildren.org.uk and he will get in touch.

However, for legal advice you should talk with a solicitor.

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