Two new children at CBCH

We have been preparing to welcome two new children into CBCH to join the family and we’re pleased to say that they have now arrived safely and have settled in.  Like all of our children, their story is one of great sadness but are stories which need to be told not just to help us understand their struggles but also to celebrate with them as they grow under the encouragement of Kisumu Children thanks to all of the help that you, our supporters, give us.

Lana’s father was killed during a robbery and was left dead in her family’s house, her mother was unable to cope and went her own way leaving Lana with her grandmother who sadly died in 2007.

She joined another children’s home in 2005 called SCCH and at that time she suffered from petit mal seizures or ‘vacant’ episodes.  Apart from being teased by other children, these usually caused her no physical harm and do not appear to have impacted her educational progress in any way.  She never took any medication for these and since around 2014 they have completely stopped.

She has always been extremely bright and enjoyed school, often being at the top of her class.  She frequently received praise from teachers for her conscientious hard work.  She needs no supervision to study or complete homework.  She is particularly good at Physics, Maths and English and would like to be an accountant or engineer – her pet name at SCCH was ‘engineer Lana’.

Lana is hardworking in other areas of her life and prior to attending secondary school often helped in the kitchen and with looking after the younger girls.  She loves singing and dancing, she enjoys playing hockey at school and reading her Bible.  She can be shy at times, but with encouragement she will come out of herself and in recent years has been more outgoing when we have visited, and has really grown in confidence.

We are so happy to have been able to welcome her to CBCH where she now lives permanently.



Wilma joined SCCH with her sister Monica in 2009.  Both their parents had died and they had been living with their grandmother who suffered with poor health.  Because of this the girls missed a lot of school as they stayed at home to look after her.  After joining SCCH Wilma managed to keep up at school and her grades steadily improved.

She enjoys Biology, History and Maths and would like to be a nurse when she leaves school.  She is a member of the girl guides at school and helps with fundraising and making things for charity – she always enjoyed craft activities during our visits to SCCH.  She also enjoys reading in her spare time and is a good swimmer due to growing up very close to the lake.

Wilma has a great sense of humour and likes to make people laugh.  She is hard working and looks after the younger children and helps around the home when her studies allow.

Wilma and Lana are cousins and both are now very well settled at CBCH.