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Kisumu Children Trust

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Learn about Africa

An Africa Game for youth groups (8-18+ years)

learn about africa for kids

Our youth pack is available to any youth groups who would like to run fun sessions for their young people to learn about Africa, the vibrant colours and customs, the challenges for communities living in poverty and what we can do to help. Includes the Poverty Challenge Africa Game.

It is a great learning opportunity for any of your young people, particularly those who show an affinity with the social development sector. It will really help you to inspire them to get involved in mission.


African Night

Dress up and eat together, try new foods like Goat and Green Gram. Begin to learn about Africa together through the big greetings culture and build a mud hut.


The Poverty Challenge Africa Game

A fun and strategic poverty challenge game gets your youth thinking carefully, learning deeply and inspires them to make a difference.


Creative Communication

Let them go with their new found knowledge and enthusiasm to write scripts, make movies, design communications and present to their families and peers to help others to learn about Africa. This can also be done as a fundraising challenge and we would obviously be very grateful if your young people would like to do that to help the African children in our care.





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