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Kisumu Children Trust

Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow.

Registered Charity no. 1091477

Meet the Team

Dr Peter Brierley

Cherry Brierley

Peter, an accomplished statistician known for producing the UK Church Statistics book, and his wife Cherry, responded to a request from a Kisumu pastor in 1994. Since then, over 200 children have now been helped. Despite being in their ninth decade and with several grandchildren, Peter still loves to crunch numbers and Cherry runs Bible studies at their home.


KCM Committee

Committee members: Daniel Odeny, Ben Odondi (ex-Deputy Mayor, Chair), Joanne Alachi, Susan Oile, Alice Omollo (Headteacher), Rev Bethwell Rogo (Anglican Clergyman), Simon Osege (Chief), Pauline Ochingo and Philemon Oguna (Manager of Cherry Brierley Children’s Home)

Staff based at the Cherry Brierley Children's Home in Kenya

Rev Philemon Owino Oguna

Philemon is an ordained Anglican minister who still works closely with the Bishop of Kisumu. He has led the Kisumu team for several years and lives nearby with his wife, Linda and their children. In his spare time, he loves using his social media and teaching visitors the Luo language!

Pamela Akoth Madhira

Pamela is the ‘mother’ of the children’s home and is respected by all for her caring but firm love of the children. In her spare time, she serves voluntarily on the board of Tieng’re Primary School and works tirelessly in the local Anglican church.

Winnie Akinyi
Assistant Matron

Winnie works alongside Pamela in looking after the welfare of the very needy children in our care. She therefore has a very close relationship with each of the children in her care. Her great sense of fun and love of life is matched only by her love of posing for photos!

Assistant Manager – Manase Ouma Oukoh
Cook – Doris Achieng Sewe
Assistant cook – David Ochieng Opudo
Facilities Coordinator – Peter Nyidha
Groundsman – Silas Ochieng Agoo
Guards – George Ndon'ga, Benard Otieno, Bonface Nyanjon'g
Woodcutter – Calvin Otieno Osako
Cleaner – Peninah Akinyi Roche
Chaplain – Silas Koki

Leadership Team in the UK

Dr Peter Brierley, Executive Officer - UK Administration
Michael Dare, Executive Officer - Cherry Brierley Children's Home
Tim Simpson, Executive Officer - Tieng're Community, Kisumu
Samara Earl, Environmental and International Development

Staff in the UK

Lynn Allen
Administrator, Finance and Sponsorship

Lynn has worked in administration for many Christian charities, serving Children, Youth and Adults both at home and abroad.  She works part-time for Kisumu Children Trust.  As a busy church pastor’s wife, she is passionate about community and building bridges of hope across the world.  She also loves dance and the colour blue!


Dr. Peter Brierley and Tim Simpson are Co-Chairs

Tim Simpson
Company Manager

Tim acts as our Executive Officer for Community, focusing on our work in and around Tieng’re, working closely with community leaders. A design leader working for an investment bank, Tim lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife and two children. He’s a keen guitarist and regularly plays in the worship band for his and other churches in the area.

Samara Earl
Environmental & International Development

Samara lives in Cumbria with her family and has worked in numerous charity sectors, including serving as a trustee.  She holds a BA in Environmental Studies and International Development and has visited Africa many times in  working capacity, seeking to share the love of Jesus for those living in poverty. She loves being out in the countryside and also being creative.

Steve Roderick
IT professional at an academic institution

Steve has special responsibility for the promotions team and the charity’s IT needs in Kisumu. He works for University College London in software development. He lives in St Albans and is married to Liz. Together they attend a local Baptist church. In his spare time Steve is an amateur radio enthusiast.

Kathryn De Freitas
School Teacher

Kathryn works in a school and enjoys reading, baking, and crafting. She is married to Ivo and they have one son.  They share many hobbies and interests such as photography and of course, a love of Jesus. They have served in many roles in the church, and have both served in Children’s ministry.

Ivo De Freitas

Ivo is married to Kathryn and they were both born and raised in South Africa.  He enjoys taking snaps with his camera, as well as pottering around in the garage doing woodwork.  He has been a follower of Jesus for most of his life and has served in many roles within the church.

Michael Dare
Retired Corporate Manager

Katherine Dare
Retired Primary Teacher

Jim Holland
retired Human Resources Manager

Graham Collison
Chartered Surveyor

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Kisumu Children Trust