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Kisumu Children Trust

Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow.

Registered Charity no. 1091477

Our History

It all started with a Friendship

Our story begins back in 1994 when a Kenyan man called Stephen contacted Dr Peter Brierley, who was by then a well-known author, to ask for help with the three orphans who he and his wife had welcomed into their home.

From this simple beginning, a friendship of trust and concern began to develop between the two men, leading to Stephen and his wife welcoming 11 needy orphans into their family with Peter and his wife Cherry providing support where possible.

One Christmas, in their usual family newsletter to a wide circle of friends, Peter and Cherry invited others to join with them and thousands of pounds flowed in from generous and kind-hearted friends.

Over time, Stephen and his wife moved into a home capable of accommodating 25 children, then later, a dilapidated tin-roofed home for 50 children.

As an exciting and growing network of UK supporters emerged, so a charitable trust was formed in 2002 and a new children’s home built in 2007 and occupied in 2008 by 48 desperately poor boys and girls with no family able or willing to support them. An extension was opened in 2016 for a further 24 children.

As each child is loved and cared for and taken to the local government primary school, it has been a natural step for our big family in Kenya and Britain to start supporting this poor school of 850 children, most of whom live in very difficult circumstances.

We are committed to standing by this hopeful little community on the banks of Lake Victoria. We hope that you too will want to join us to see tomorrow’s men and women of Kenya begin to grow in confidence – to do their best at school, to develop their gifts and talents, spread their wings and reach their God-given potential at home and work– free of the need for charity support.

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