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Kisumu Children Trust

Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow.

Registered Charity no. 1091477

Our Mission

  • To help those in greatest need
  • To love and care for them individually
  • To raise them in a Christian environment
  • To educate them and so enable them to achieve their full potential
  • To prepare them for life in the community
  • To encourage them to be an asset to society.

That when they leave our Home they will be…

  • Filled with self-belief and able to use their skills to undertake a useful role in society
  • Able to face the challenges of life in Kenya
  • Filled with optimism and hope
  • Trusting in God, their Saviour and Provider
  • Able to share His love and provision with others

We aim to do this through the provision of…

  • A children’s Home
  • Support for children within their own homes
  • Assistance with community development projects

Our Vision

Kisumu Children has a vision to serve the whole community, alleviate child poverty, and help to bring about lasting change.

Children who have lost parents and family and faced lives filled with hunger and despair, have now become dressmakers, carpenters, nurses, teachers and more besides. Above all, they have self-belief and the skills to face the challenges of life in Kenya with optimism, hope and a Christian foundation.

Many children have already been helped, either through joining the Home or through support within the community. Yet so many more are still in desperate need.

With your prayers and financial support Kisumu Children will continue to reach out to these children, giving them help for today and hope for tomorrow.

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Kisumu Children Trust