A Story of Hope

Ever wondered about those moments in life where you know everything is about to change- starting school for the first time, starting your first job, getting married, having children. These are the memories that stick in our minds- pinpoints in history. There are also other moments that remain with us- illness, sadness, the loss of a loved one.

Each child at CBCH has had a unique journey of how they ended up living at the home, often with more sad memories than happy ones. We would like to share with you some of those stories, in the children’s own words, written in November 2015. The incredible strength, courage and love of these children we hope will be an inspiration to you as much as it has to us.

‘Hello, my name is Mary Adhiambo Ogutu. I am 13 years old.

When I was born, my mother was very sick so that she could not do anything. When I was still small, she was taken to the hospital in Kisumu and by good luck my father went with her. When they reached the hospital the doctor found that my mother was already dead. So my father came back home and was crying and when he told us we were crying too because my mother was dead. I was very sad.

After the death of my mother there is a man who did not like my father so he decided to kill him, so we remained with my step-mother but she did not love us, so I decided to go and live with my brother. But there was no job or money to buy for us food, so I just thanked God for my life and went back my step-mother.

There were some people came in our home and told my step-mother to bring me to this Home I am in now.

I was very happy because God loves me and that’s why I was brought in Cherry Brierley Children’s Home and I thank God for that and my sponsor, people who care for us.

May God bless you.’