Children are eager to learn about God!

We are thankful that children are eager to learn about God!
However, most children in the community in the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home (CBCH) neighborhood do not attend church because their parents are too busy looking for a livelihood to support them.
Every Friday, CBCH supports a local school (Tieng’re Comprehensive School -TICS) by providing Bible teaching, and the children genuinely enjoy learning about God.
Also, the Bible Camp held in December was a great success. A bigger number of children than the previous Bible camp attended. The Children’s Home hall was packed to capacity. Most of the children were being directed to us by two schools around CBCH, TICS, and DROPS.
We thank God the camp was managed well with the support of the home manager, Rev. Philemon. He had planned well for the camp. Children were divided into groups and taught the word of God. 30 in number received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, which is currently positively impacting the community because
when a child knows Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, their character automatically changes for the
better. We have received good reports on child character formation both at DROPS Primary School and
TIPS. The camp benefited all the children, and we hope to run more Bible camps.
Let’s pray together for the spiritual development of children so that they will have a chance and hunger to learn about GOD and meet the Saviour. There are many testimonies about children declaring Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
Let’s pray for the whole community that God will make way for whole families to attend church and get to know God better.