Diary entry of a Kisumu Children trustee

I have been on the board of trustees for just over a year and due to various issues with Covid, I have still not met any other members of the board or staff of the charity in person! For all I know they only exist in 2D!

Despite the lack of in-person contact, a lot has happened over the past year. I recall one of my earliest conversations with Peter & him telling me how steep my learning curve would be. Well it turns out, it was steeper!

The life of a new trustee dealing with international development, in the middle of a pandemic, when alternative education arrangements for CBCH & Kenya are coming into play is mightily complex! However, what I can see quite clearly is the impact of the decisions we are making on the lives of children & staff in Kenya and their community. It’s quite remarkable actually, I’ve never been in an environment where decisions we are making as a board, and the donations and sponsorship of members of the public is having an incredibly positive and life changing impact. Being witness to the work over the past year makes me feel so humbled and blessed & I can’t thank our supporters enough for enabling this. Most of these children would fall through the cracks if not for you.

In work closer to home, I have been stoking the social media fire. Despite my youth, this area is a learning curve and it has been good to engage with our staff and see what works (& often does not), in reaching supporters. Sometimes the old ways or writing a letter or 500 still work the best.

So what’s to come? All being well a visit to Kenya early 2022 to see CBCH and our staff in action & a further exciting but potentially challenging year of seeing where events take KCT.

Signing off at year one.