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Give a Gift of…

A Christmas pack
containing food, soap, toiletries, flip flops and a towel plus anything you would like to add from the list below:
Choose Qty
in the basket
£10 each
Add a new pair of shoes
Choose Qty
in the basket
£12 each
Add some new clothes
Choose Qty
in the basket
£18 each
Add a School Uniform
School shoes also included
Choose Qty
in the basket
£30 each
OR other amount (£)    
Covers medical costs for a child at CBCH for a year (Paracetamol, malaria tablets, plasters etc)
Supports our Matron, Pamela, who acts as “Mummy” for each of our orphaned children for 3 months
Provides an orphan living in the community with a cooked lunch through CBCH (and breakfast in the holidays) for a month
Enables a child to go to Primary School (uniform, books etc) for a year
Supports a teenager through a vocational course at college, such as mechanics or business studies, for 1 month
Will provide mosquito nets to protect 12 children from malaria
Feeds an impoverished child in the community for 1 year
Provides for a 24-hour guard giving security for all 70 children living at CBCH for 2 months (3 guards work by rota)
Will support a secondary school young person for a complete year, covering their school fees, travel, uniform, accommodation and tuition.
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