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Kisumu Children Trust

Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow.

Registered Charity no. 1091477

Give a Gift of…

Daily Lunches
for 1 month for a hungry child:
Food Pack to help support a struggling family
containing food and basic essentials to help feed a family for 1 month:
Supplies for Community Growers
containing seeds and fertilisers for growers trying to feed their family through cultivating a plot of land:
OR other amount (£)    


School uniform for a girl
A girl’s school uniform consists of a blouse, dress, jumper and shoes:
School uniform for a boy
A boy’s school uniform consists of a shirt, shorts, jumper and shoes:
School exercise books and pencils for a year
This will cover all three terms of the school year:
School bag
New clothes
Clothes to change into after school for those that have nothing other than their uniform.
OR other amount (£)    
Covers medical costs for a child at CBCH for a year (Paracetamol, malaria tablets, plasters etc)
Provides a child with a new pair of tough school shoes
Provides an orphan living in the community with a cooked lunch through CBCH (and breakfast in the holidays) for a month
Enables a child to go to Primary School (uniform, books, shoes (2 pairs to last the year) etc.) for a year
Supports a teenager through a vocational course at college, such as mechanics or business studies, for 1 month
Will provide mosquito nets to protect 12 children from malaria
Feeds an impoverished child in the community for 1 year
Will support a secondary school young person for a complete year, covering their school fees, travel, uniform, school accommodation and tuition.
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Kisumu Children Trust