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+44 (0) 1732 369303 Kisumu Children Trust - 1 Thorpe Avenue Tonbridge Kent TN10 4PW

About Us

Kisumu Children’s main ministry, the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home (CBCH), has existed since 1995. It began when a few desperate children were taken in by a Kenyan pastor and his wife and given a little help by a contact in the UK. It has now grown to become a 72-bedded Home that is also becoming a hub for greater community involvement.

CBCH provides a safe, simple home, ensuring clean water, a good diet, clothes and medical care, all within a loving, Christian family environment.
All the children receive primary education, going on to secondary education, apprenticeships, vocational training, college or university as they have the ability.

CBCH is run by dedicated local Christian Kenyan staff. Referrals are received from the Kisumu Children’s Department, local clergy, teachers, social workers, families and occasionally the police!

Kisumu Children Trust is a registered charity in both the UK and in Kenya.

Where is Kisumu?


Meet the Team

Charity Founders

Dr. Peter Brierley and Mrs Cherry Brierley

Leadership Team

Dr Peter Brierley, Executive Officer – UK
Mr Michael Dare, Executive Officer – Kisumu
Mr Glenn Tainio, Executive Officer – C/Centre


Mr Jack Diamond, Treasurer
Mrs Alison Hills, Marketing Co-ordinator
Mrs Suzanne Hodnett, Digital Marketing Officer
Mr Jack Diamond, Relations Officer
Mrs Lynn Allen, Administrator


Dr. Peter Brierley, Church Consultant (Chair)
Mr Andrew Brinded, Sales and Marketing Director
Mrs Katherine Dare, retired Primary Teacher
Mr Michael Dare, retired Corporate Manager
Mr Jim Holland, retired Human Resources Manager
Mr Glenn Tainio, charity National Director
Mr Graham Collison, Chartered Surveyor

KISUMU CHILDREN MINISTRIES (the Kenyan side of Kisumu Children)

KCM Committee

Chairman: Daniel Odeny

Committee members: Daniel Odeny (Chair), Ben Odondi (Deputy Mayor), Joan Alachi, Susan Oile, Alice Omollo (Headteacher) Rev Bethwell Rogo, Simon Osege and Pauline Ochingo Philemon Oguna (Manager of Cherry Brierley Children’s Home)

Staff based at the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home

Manager – Philemon Owino Oguna
Assistant Manager – Newly appointed (probabtion)
Matron – Pamela
Cook – Justin Lusi Aima
Assistant cook – Gordon
Facilities Coordinator – Peter Nyidha
Guards – Peter Obiero, Silas Agoo, Bonface Otieno
Woodcutter – Calvin Otieno Osako
Cleaner – Peninah Akinyi Roche
Chaplain – Silas Koki