Catherine’s Story

“Hi! Thank God for bringing me this far. My name is Catherine Atieno, a girl 13 years of age born on 3rd of January 2000. I have a sister (Mary Aoko, 16 years old) in Sinaga girls grade 10. I lost my parents in the year 2000 and 2001 respectively, (mother and father).

Am currently preparing to sit for my KCPE. I am proud to be what I am. I am the school headgirl and ever in position one. Moreover, I am optimistic that am in the right place. My second home CBCH is the best under the management of our Manager Philemon and the entire staff.

It has been very easy for me to achieve my dreams. CBCH is the best home and I will live to praise it. Further more, it has brought us together as a family in achieving our goals. Visitors have been coming left and right to share their love with us.

I have always acted as a leader and people appreciate that. Challenges lie only when some needs to be told to do this or that. I just thank God for everything. Everything is running smoothly, the food, the beddings, it is just wow!

We have various responsibilities in our Sunday service and this build my spiritual growth. I lead the service. Am also a good preacher. I just love doing all this. My faith has grown and promise to work for the Lord.

In school, am smart academically. Am not blowing my own trumpet but my academic report reveals that. I sincerely love my school, my teachers, support staff and the entire atmospheric environment.

I find myself helping the weaker pupils to pull up both at School and at home CBCH. It is sad and painful leaving my beloved brothers and sisters after grade 8 in Primary level. But I promise to make it up to the University to set goals to the rest. Getting to the University is not such easy. One needs to sacrifice by working hard but more so putting God first. I believe our Father knows our desires. I just trust God for this.

We at most do six subjects. Homework take a least one hour. I have no option but to cope up with it knowing that it is for my own good. I truly believe God is in control.

Life may not be easy. One may not get everything he/she desires but I have an ambition to achieve. I want to be a surgeon. I want to help the way you people find it helping us.

Finally, I want to thank you all for seeing me through this journey and I promise to do my best. God bless.”