The New Poultry house

We’re really happy to be able to show you our New Poultry house at CBCH which has just been completed. We hope the chicks will be arriving today (Friday 5th May) so we will happily bring you pictures of those when they have arrived. The children are excited and we can’t wait to see them too!

We firmly believe in the education of our children in all-round skills, both practical and academic, but we particular want to teach them the skills most relevant to their native country and culture. Farming of all kinds is indigenous to the area and teaching the children to keep poultry, care for them correctly and help them to be a productive part of the land is a valuable skill to learn. We hope they will be successful and we will bring you updates on how they’re doing. We hope that some of the children will show a real aptitude for farming and animal rearing and of course, we will then be encouraging and teaching them as much as we can should they want to choose a farming profession as they go forward in their lives.