School shoes appeal

4 miles a day on rough stony ground there is little remaining of our children’s shoes after a year at school

“New school shoes every year for every child? Why?”

I asked naively.

“Surely they can be handed down to the younger ones at the end of the year like we do here in the UK ?”

I cringe at that statement now as I hear myself asking it. How different their lives are from our pampered children in the UK who are driven everywhere or walk on neatly kept pavements and pathways. A new pair of shoes in Kenya (shoes which are up to the task anyway) cost £14 a pair. They take a daily punishment on dry, rocky ground as the children walk to and from school throughout the year.  With 72 children needing shoes, the cost to the Home is £1008 every year before uniforms, books and pencils.  At the moment we need to raise this money for next years shoes. If you would like to help us with our appeal we would be immensely grateful and look forward to being able to send you a picture of our children in their new shoes ready for a new year at school which in Kenya starts in January.