A Taste of Leaving Home

Leaving home and going to college is often a landmark experience for young people in the UK. We wondered if it was any different in Kisumu. Let CBCH leaver Samuel share his reactions with us. “I have joined Kisumu Polytechnic and I would like to tell you that in College one feels like they are grown-up already because most of the activities we do on our own without the lecturer following us like it used to happen in High School and Primary School.

What amazes me most is doing some lessons with married couples in the same school. They have nicknamed me ‘last born’ because I am the youngest in our hostel and in my class.

This term we did end-term tests and I will update you on how I performed, after which I will proceed to Diploma level. I really enjoy the course, more so that prctical part where we bake cakes, deep-fry fish, make omelettes or roast meat, among others.

During my attachment I gained a lot of skills by working as a waiter, housekeeper, chef and receptionist. It was the best thing that ever happened to me serving one of the old boys of CBCH (Herbert). I served him fried fish with ugali. It was awesome!”

Well done Samuel! We’re sure you will have a bright future in the catering business. We’d love to have the privilege of being served by you one day.