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What does your money buy?

provides enough firewood to cook the food for a child at CBCH for a year
covers medical costs for a child at CBCH for a year (Paracetamol, malaria tablets, plasters etc)
provides the cost of our Matron who acts as “Mummy” for each of our orphaned children for 3 months
provides an orphan living in the community with a cooked lunch through CBCH (and breakfast in the holidays) for a month
provides cost of a child going to primary school (uniform, books etc) for a year
provides for annual costs of insurance, summer camp, Bible reading notes, library books etc. for one child at CBCH for a year
would provide mosquito nets in two dormitories, protecting 12 children from malaria
feeds an impoverished child in the community for 1 year
provides the salary for the cook and assistant cook for our 70 children, 2 meals a day, for a month
provides for a 24-hour guard giving security for all 70 children living at CBCH for a month (3 guards work by rota)
provides cost of travel, school fees, uniform, accommodation and tuition for a secondary school young person for a year
provides enough food for 70 children and 10 staff with a varied menu every day for a whole month (=£4 per week per person)
there’s so much more we want to do for Kisumu’s children! If you’re considering a larger gift, we would love to sit down with you and hear your thoughts