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Emergency Hunger Appeal

You've helped us hit our new target of £2,000. Thank you so much.

We have decided to extend the fundraising so that we can support our families for longer. All reports are leading us to expect another wave of the virus in July/August in Kenya which will keep our families in lockdown. The poorest will be affected for the longest and our families won't easily find new employment or income. If you haven't yet donated and would still like to, we would be most grateful. The more we raise the longer we can help.
Thank you!

If we receive more funds than are needed for the Emergency Hunger Campaign, we promise to use these funds for these same very needy children. It will help cover their schooling, clothing, food and welfare needs.

Please help us raise £3,000 in emergency funds to save the lives of the poorest of the poor

Emergency Food Pack £10
Or give what you can


The invisible Covid-19 virus has had an incredible global reach.

For the precious children in our care, it means an uncertain lockdown situation – with a relative who can’t afford to look after them anyway - where families will face intense poverty.

With many workers being laid off and no one passing your home to buy your meagre vegetables, hunger is your biggest worry.

What we're doing right now

Philemon (our Children's Home manager) has identified 39 families of our Home and Community children living within a mile's radius.

Each family gets an Emergency Food Pack which contains:
2 litres of cooking oil, 2kg of sugar, 4kg of maize flour, 2kg of rice 2 bars of soap and 2kg of mung beans.

He's inviting them into the Home at staggered times for safety and will take packs to those who can’t get in. The lockdown authorities may stop him but he's determined to try.

It's the least we can do, isn’t it.

"I was hungry and you fed me..." Matthew 25:36

How you can help – now

Please consider helping these poor families who have no NHS and no benefit system.

By making a donation here, however small, you'll be teaming up with us to save lives.

Thank you for standing alongside us
New Target:


£2900.01 raised so far
Thank you to everyone who has donated offline
as well raising the total now to over £5000 !

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