Celebrating the achievements of Catherine and Lavine

As two stellar graduates who recently marked significant milestones, their success is a personal triumph and a testimony to the dedication and support that shaped their educational journeys at school and through the Cherry Brierley Children’s Home (CBCH).

Catherine, a MOI University graduate, secures a Bachelor of Education (BEd) focusing on Geography and Kiswahili, earning a commendable Second-class degree. Her passion and commitment shine through, marking a well-deserved accomplishment.

Lavine, a standout graduate from the Technical University of Kenya, attains a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy with an impressive Upper Second-class degree. Coming to CBCH from Samara’s Bread of Life Kenya Charity, Lavine’s journey is a testament to resilience and dedication, underscoring the transformative power of education.

We applaud Catherine and Lavine’s success and acknowledge the vital role educators and support networks play. Congratulations to Catherine and Lavine!