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Kisumu Children Trust

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Annual General Meeting 2020

Thank you for joining us! We have decided not to remove our Annual General Meeting messages from the site after a week, so you are able to enjoy and re-watch them for as long as you like.                           If anyone watching would like […]

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Back to School!

As Kenya looks to start easing the lockdown, there are some important developments going on in the education sector. Returning to school will not be easy for many. Students and parents are anxious and there are a number of criteria which a school must be able to show that it can satisfy if it is […]

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More than just tough times for business in Kenya

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of those phrases that has become highly recognised amongst established businesses almost as routine. I don’t believe it would take you long to think of a well-known brand with a well-known CSR campaign… perhaps Persil (Unilever) and its campaign to provide education for underprivileged children, Innocent Smoothies and their […]

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Coronavirus in Kenya – March 2020

Kenya in the pandemic outbreak As the Coronavirus spreads across the world, it is particularly concerning for countries like Kenya who cannot possibly be prepared for such a pandemic. Kenya reacted relatively quickly to the outbreak as cases arrived in the country.  The government closed their borders to international arrivals, something which has kept numbers […]

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What we can learn from Kenyan healthcare

It is an odd title to consider here in the UK when we think of the challenges facing Kenyan healthcare where over 50% of doctors born and trained in Kenya work abroad. Most Kenyan counties have fewer than 1 doctor to 10,000 people and 80% of Kenyans don’t have any access to healthcare insurance and […]

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Secondary Education in Kenya is changing

These children are off to secondary school; no longer a dream for the destitute but an opportunity open to every child.     There have been some very exciting developments at National Government level regarding education in the last year. The Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, has been very vocal about the initiative which has […]

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The KCPE 2019 exam results are published!

Following all the hard work, not just by our children studying for their exams but also our staff supporting them tirelessly with homework and extra support where needed, the results of the 2019 KCPE exams are in. We have results for 14 CBCH children, those that board full time and those that still live with […]

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The 2019 exhibition season!

This year has been a very busy one for us at Kisumu Children, not just because of all the goings on in Kisumu itself of which there are many exciting developments (please do signup for our newsletter if you would like to hear all about those). But for us here in the UK, we have […]

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The Power of Volunteering

Volunteering has never been so important as it is today. Not only because of the desperate need in this world from so many areas, whether it be human, animal or environmental but because volunteering builds people up and helps to develop us as human beings. As a volunteer, I completely fell in love with the […]

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