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School shoes appeal

4 miles a day on rough stony ground there is little remaining of our children’s shoes after a year at school “New school shoes every year for every child? Why?” I asked naively. “Surely they can be handed down to the younger ones at the end of the year like we do here in the […]

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A day in the life of our Matron

Pamela, our fantastic Matron at the CBCH Home told me about her typical day. She clearly works very hard and is a mother figure to all of the children. From what we can all see, she keeps the home running like clockwork. Pamela gets herself up at around 4.30am and then gets the children up […]

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Challenges at our local Primary School

About a mile away from our Children’s Home in Kisumu, is the local Primary School where many of our children attend. During our last visit to Kenya in April 2018, we visited the school and were shown around by Alice, the Headmistress. At the time there were no classes in session, except for a teacher […]

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Getting our Leavers Started in Business

When our own children leave home we hope that we have prepared them with enough wisdom, morals and social awareness to survive and secure a strong footing in the world.  We are ready to support them emotionally and financially where we can to help them get on to the metaphorical ‘ladder’. When our children from […]

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E-learning at CBCH

If, like most of us at Kisumu Children, you believe in education as the way to break the cycle of poverty for our children, the title of this post may lead you to jump up in excitement that our children suddenly have access to the massive opportunity of interactive and modern learning techniques that we […]

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Two new children at CBCH

We have been preparing to welcome two new children into CBCH to join the family and we’re pleased to say that they have now arrived safely and have settled in.  Like all of our children, their story is one of great sadness but are stories which need to be told not just to help us […]

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Exciting Developments in Kenyan Education System

There has been a very interesting development in Kenyan policy for education which appears to have been finalised this month that the government will now procure all school books needed by learners itself so as to put an end to private businesses profiting hugely from the education sector.  The Kenyan government believes that businesses have […]

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Our African Children tell us what they think and hope for…

Are youngsters the same the world over, allowing for cultural differences? We leave you to decide after reading the majority of responses of eight of our Kisumu Children. Football and reading were among their best-loved occupations though predictably, football was a clear winner in the favourite sport section. School and local landmark featured among the […]

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