New Classrooms at Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School are completed!

Three (four) New Classrooms and the Administrative Block are completed! The commissioning service is planned for the middle of May, and the children will be able to start using them at the end of May. The classrooms look very good and are much larger than average; they will seat 70-80 pupils.
As the classrooms were built, it became clear that the new ones could be easily joined on the older ones built about 8-10 years ago, so they joined the two buildings and created an additional classroom (at no extra cost). The extra room is smaller than the others, possibly accommodating 40 or 50 children. George, the architect, can be proud of the brilliant school building.
Thanks to these new rooms and a superb new main entrance DROPS has also been upgraded from a Primary School to a Comprehensive School, becoming DROCS instead of DROPS!

Many people thanked KCT for the new classrooms, including the headmaster, Mark Otieno, teachers, 30 children who came on their day off to meet Peter, and the Chief, who came with his two deputies to express gratitude for the DROCS provision.

The Dr. Robert Ouko Primary School currently has 400 children of Primary School age. Some of the children are supported by the Kisumu Children Trust attend this school. The buildings were overcrowded and inadequate, and we are grateful for the new classrooms.

(The top photo from left: Peter, Philemon,  Mark Headteacher, and George Architect.)