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Kisumu Children Trust

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Registered Charity no. 1091477

Exciting Developments in Kenyan Education System

There has been a very interesting development in Kenyan policy for education which appears to have been finalised this month that the government will now procure all school books needed by learners itself so as to put an end to private businesses profiting hugely from the education sector.  The Kenyan government believes that businesses have […]

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Our African Children tell us what they think and hope for…

Are youngsters the same the world over, allowing for cultural differences? We leave you to decide after reading the majority of responses of eight of our Kisumu Children. Football and reading were among their best-loved occupations though predictably, football was a clear winner in the favourite sport section. School and local landmark featured among the […]

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Changing the story

On arrival at CBCH, each child comes with a unique story of sorrow and loss.  With your help we are able to create a new common narrative full of security, love and potential.  Here are two examples of hope restored. Jacob began life ‘in the rural’, the youngest of six children.  Sadly, he never knew […]

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A Note from one of our Sponsor Families

We have been sponsoring B, a young girl from CBCH, for four years. We receive regular letters, photos and drawings from her and in turn we write back to share a little about our family and about life and events in the UK. Abi (13) loves to hear from someone who lives in a very […]

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A Taste of Leaving Home

Leaving home and going to college is often a landmark experience for young people in the UK. We wondered if it was any different in Kisumu. Let CBCH leaver Samuel share his reactions with us. “I have joined Kisumu Polytechnic and I would like to tell you that in College one feels like they are […]

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Philemon’s Ordination

We are so happy to tell you that Philemon, the manager of CBCH, has just been ordained as he continues his great work in the Lord’s service. It was a very special day and great achievement by Philemon. The proud CBCH boys with dad Philemon are Jacob Owino, Kevin Omondi & Samuel Orowe. Other photos […]

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Recent visit to the local Primary School, Kisumu

Alice, the headteacher was currently looking after 720 children (650 a year ago), of which 25% were orphans. Was the number of orphans in the Kisumu County area increasing? Yes, she said, as HIV continued to wreak havoc in many lives. Our trustee remarked to Philemon that fewer children seemed to be sleeping on the […]

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High speed internet access will fuel entrepreneurialism

What sort of future will our children be facing when they leave the shelter of CBCH? In the last 8 years, high speed internet has arrived in Kenya. With unemployment in 2009 at 40%, the pessimists grumbled that what Kenya needed was jobs, not technology. But access to the internet has proved transformative leading to […]

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