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John Troon’s Story

I was born in November of 1994, three years after the popular Kenyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Robert Ouko was killed, and I was named after the white man from Britain, “John Troon”, who came to investigate the crime. “My dad died when I was five and I still don’t know the cause of […]

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Catherine’s Story

“Hi! Thank God for bringing me this far. My name is Catherine Atieno, a girl 13 years of age born on 3rd of January 2000. I have a sister (Mary Aoko, 16 years old) in Sinaga girls grade 10. I lost my parents in the year 2000 and 2001 respectively, (mother and father). Am currently […]

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The New Poultry house

We’re really happy to be able to show you our New Poultry house at CBCH which has just been completed. We hope the chicks will be arriving today (Friday 5th May) so we will happily bring you pictures of those when they have arrived. The children are excited and we can’t wait to see them […]

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Annual General Meeting 2017

Annual Review at St Luke’s Church, Watford. 30th September 2017 2.30pm – 4.00pm with tea following. For the first time our AGM is in the afternoon rather than the morning. Please book the date in your diaries. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out what’s going on and to meet the team.

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The New Extension is Open!

Why an extension? With roughly 10% of the population in Kisumu classed as destitute children, and the number of children’s homes in the city shrinking, there is an ever growing need for our existing children’s home to expand. This means our current family of 48 will soon become 72 as the plans for a new […]

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