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Partner with us to rewrite the future of Orphaned Children through Secondary Education

May we invite you to help us to make the vital difference between simply surviving or thriving by providing food, clothing and Secondary School Education for our orphans that have successfully achieved a secondary school place.

The Desperate Need
Aids/HIV has ravaged Africa, cutting through communities and families alike. In Kenya, in the late 1990s, about 1 in every 10 adults is believed to have suffered from Aids/HIV, with women having a much lower life expectancy than men. This has left a whole generation of children without loving parents to provide a home and encourage them through school.

Secondary School Investment – Defining their Future
Not many Kenyan children have the support to go through Secondary School and many do not achieve the grades to acquire a place but for those that do our vision is to support them to achieve their potential and provide this vital start in life for these most needy of children.

Solid Funding
Until now we have relied almost entirely upon faithful individuals to provide ongoing support, but we are now developing a more secure and broad-based funding strategy by engaging with trusts who share our values. We have 50% of the funding for these children secured and are now looking for a partner with whom we have aligned values and visions who would like to help with the remaining sum.

Strategic Investment
Should any child not continue their secondary schooling, then we will reallocate the funds to meet their needs and to other children’s educational costs.

We will always comply with any monitoring and reporting protocols required by your company.

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