A heartfelt letter of ‘Thanks’

Here is a very heartfelt letter of thanks to you all from Alice, Headmistress of Tieng’re Primary School, for that which you have made possible and for the real life impact that it is having for the school and the children who attend…


Dear friends,

We shall ever appreciate you for the facilities you have given to TiPS [Tieng’re Primary School]. It is on this strength and the learner population that the school has been earmarked to domicile JSS (Junior Secondary School)

The demographic data template which I filled in some days ago majored in infrastructural capacity and learner enrolment of 45 and above in Grade Six. We are blessed that through you, the UK TRUSTEES and Philemon, God has given us very good and spacious classrooms and modern toilets!

Our Grade six population is far much above the minimum required of 45. We have a population of 142. This is God’s grace. Thank you for enabling the school to meet the threshold of the requirements. The population is likely to increase since we are anticipating to get learners from our neighboring schools which do not have the minimum learners of 45 in Grade Six. This is according to the MoE [Ministry of Education] requirement that such schools be feeder schools.

2022 KCPE Results are very encouraging. We presented 106 learners to KNEC [Kenya National Examinations Council]. One boy scored 408 marks [out of 500, anything over 400 is considered excellent]. Those who scored 300 marks and above were 46. Our mean score too, improved to 281.39 up from 261.86 in 2021. Not by our strength but the grace of God! Some of our learners have been called to join National Schools. Some to Extra County Schools, County and Sub-County schools in that order.

Once again thank you so much for your seamless support to the school. May God bless us all.

Regards Alice.

Peter responds and she follows up with…

The classrooms, new and renovated alike played a vital role in the performance which we had.
I asked for teachers from TSC (Teachers Service Commission) which they readily gave me given there were classrooms. With the classrooms and a good number of teachers, we comfortably put the learners in manageable groups hence individualized teaching was very effective.

It is true we shall need more classrooms, a good and spacious kitchen among other things. We leave all in the hand of our faithful God.

Thank you all for being TiPS very reliable and supportive stakeholders. May God bless you immensely. I thank Philemon too for continuously linking us.

May God’s grace be with you and us.