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Samuel’s Story

Samuel is a total orphan, his mother passed away in 2012 and his father has no contact.

He had been under the care of his maternal grandmother (a widow) who also then passed away leaving him in the care of his only surviving aunt. She herself is a widow and has children of her own to support, one of whom is severely disabled and needs around the clock care. Without a sustainable source of income to support her family, they live in dire poverty and regularly go without food. Samuel is reported to have often gone missing in search of places where he can possibly get something to eat, mostly within the local neighbourhood but sometimes further afield. He was at high risk of falling victim to street life and child trafficking and his aunt finally sought help from the Children’s Department who placed him with us at Cherry Brierley Children’s Home (CBCH).

After a short time, we were very blessed to be able to find a sponsor for Samuel and he was so excited to hear that someone from the other side of the world wanted to help care for him. As a result, he is now in good health with enough food to eat. He also now goes to school and, based on academic reports and from what we have seen first hand, he is doing very well! He is a bright child and is certainly able to attain a high level of achievement in his education given the necessary support. He loves his new family at CBCH and really enjoys it when the ball comes out and games get started.

It costs, on average, £1800 per year to care for a child with food, clothes, the safe shelter of the Home, school uniform, school fees for secondary school children and school books & pencils. If you would like to sponsor a child, please do get in touch. We ask for a minimum monthly donation of £20 but anything more you can give will all go towards the care of your child. We rely on people like you to help keep the work of the charity going to ensure children will indeed have a safe and happy home throughout the rest of their childhood and that when they leave us they will have the skills for a successful life ahead, finally breaking the cycle of poverty.

Call us on 01892 514050 or email us on office@kisumuchildren.org.uk and you will change a child’s life.

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