Sad news of the death of Bishop Francis

We are very sorry to have to report the sad death of a great man and highly respected Patron and friend of Kisumu Children Trust, Bishop Francis. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday 29th October in Nairobi. His death has indeed come as a big shock.

Bishop Francis was a Patron for many years and helped see us through some difficult times. He remained faithful and supportive throughout and we remember him very fondly. Our founder said “Bishop Francis was a lovely man of God with whom I had many fascinating theological discussions, the like of which I’ve not had with anyone else”. He and our Executive Officer to the Children’s Home remember the powerful prayer time they had together with Bishop Francis praying on the roof of the new Kisumu Cathedral whilst work was in progress. Our Executive Officer remembers too when Bishop Francis seized a pick to break the ground for the new home to be built, a traditional ceremony to bless the ground and the works before the building operations started. He was in normal ecclesiastical dress whilst the building contractors looked on protected by hard hats!

He related so well with the children too, praying through the rooms in the new extension, and getting them to repeat after him the following tongue twister:

” Ber Bedo But Buk”
“Ber Biro Bedo Bang’e”

which he translated as “It is good to be near a book always; the benefits of the book come back later”. The children loved it!

His legacy will live on powerfully through all the lives he touched. We offer our condolences to his wife and family and our prayers for peace as they come to terms with this huge loss.